Sunday, March 4, 2012

Be careful with illegal adsense accounts

Hi friends many of people trying a lot to get adsense approved, but usually google rejects applications which are not meet the requirements. Specially for south Asian applications they strictly reviews the applications.If you try to get adsense for your own custom domain like www.example.com they require minimum 6 month old domain with good traffic .

So some guys trying to get adsense in illegal ways like purchasing adsense account online .But i prefer that its not good and it waste of money please don't try this,  The illegal providers use their main URL for the first adsense account after that if you purchase an account they ad a custom sub-domain in their hosting and they apply with that URL and they will get approve easy, The problem is they will never give that URL to your but you must first place your ads in that URL which you apply for adsense, so Google will easyly find out that its an illegal account and it will immediately disable that.

Friends if you have any suggestions or new matter about this please let me know or share here......... and also share this.....

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