Friday, September 21, 2012

Earn Online easy and Free Through clicks Just spending 10 Mins a day

Hi guys Looking for online earning? I guess I'll give you a best solution which is easy and profitable.I am going to show you a better guide to earn money online. I hope you know what Neobux is.

When i first started I looked at this as a way to make money without an investment. That’s great and all if you’re a patient person. I’m one of the many that can’t wait. I spent 60 bucks in the first month. This got me 250 rented referrals.

Rented referrals are where the money’s at on Neobux. The best thing to do is ride on the rented referrals. To do this you must keep them. First turn on “Auto-Renew” and leave it on. Also maintain an active set of referrals. Constantly recycle dead refs. I set the green zone to 3.9 and the yellow starting at 2.0. This lets you know ob the statistics and the rented page weather you’re losing money(red), breaking even(yellow), or profiting(green). If a user stops clicking, give them a day or two. Say one of my referrals skips clicking today. Tomorrow their last click will say yesterday. I like to give them another day. Once the last click turns into a actual date, get rid of them. Keep this up.

Don’t do this until you are happy with the number of refs you have for a while. Recycle the users with a red average first. With them on auto-renew, you’re losing money. Just mass recycle these users till you have a team of dedicated users. Finally its time to go for gold!

At this point you should have about 250 members. Keep autopay turned on and check the price of extending your rented refs for 90 days. Check your profit per day and do the math. Once you can afford it, renew the refs for 90 days and disable the autopay. This saves you 20% over time. Then let you money build up. I’ve heard it can be tough to get rented refs once you hit golden. To prepare for this don’t get gold until you have at least 1000 rented refs and half are active. You should be able to perform steps 2 and 3 during this time. Golden costs 90 bucks. Get 1000 refs and then upgrade. But don’t upgrade till you have at least 120 bucks, 30 bucks to work with your refs.

Finally for the good part. Before you cash out, make sure you have enough to rent ALL of your refs for another 90 days. Once you do, keep that much in your rental balance. Anything else is profit. Once the 90 days are nearing an end, renew them. Be sure to overlap this time. A week is probably fine, but don’t go too late, otherwise you’ll have to rebuild that clicking army. After you’ve renewed, save up for another 90 days. That way the account maintains itself and u just click your 4(8 if gold i believe) ads per day. I don’t know how often cashouts are, but one a week should be fine.

4 ads * 0.01 per click * 1000 refs * 90 days – 600 for 90 renew = ?
3000 in 3 months, basically 1000 a month. This may sound funny and hard to you. Give your best and start earning =)

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